El Paso Flash is big time

It isn’t often that college recruiters make their way to El Paso, Texas, but when a player like Edward Britton Jr. is available, it might be worth the long trip. As most football players im El Paso, Britton was an unknown. Last fall he changed all that in one spectacular game.
“I think it is really hard to get noticed out here in El Paso,” Britton said. “I don’t think anybody knew about me going into last fall. Then I rushed for like 250 yards on Midland High. They went to the state finals the year before, so I think that it made a lot of people take notice.”
Now, Britton’s mailbox is filling up with envelopes from many of the powerhouses around the country. While the El Paso speedster has no offers, there is a burgeoning interest around his name, and with good reason. Britton boasts a 10.7-second time in the 100-meter dash, and a 4.38-second 40-yard dash time to go along with his 39-inch vertical.

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He also had 2,185 yards on 258 carries in nine regular season games last year, scoring 22 touchdowns and 16 two-point conversions. He also has a personal best 10.7-second 100-meter time, was fourth nationally in his age group last summer in AAU nationals in the 100 and has a 21.6-second time in the 200 meters.
“I get letters from a ton of schools,” he said. “My favorite ones are Michigan, USC, and Notre Dame right now. I haven’t heard from Texas yet, and I would really like to. I like those schools because they really have good academics, and they have great programs.”
Britton confirmed that he is also hearing from the rest of the Big 12 South and at this point, everybody is in contention.
One team might hold a slight edge when the cards are all down. Britton’s father is from the Los Angeles area, and much of Britton’s family still lives out West.
“I have a lot of family in southern California, both in Los Angeles and Bakersfield,” he said. “I go out to L.A. every summer to be with my cousins. I have a lot of fun when I am out there. There is so much to do, and I know the spots.”
However, Britton says that he is in no hurry to make a decision. The 6-foot, 175-pound athlete is going to take his time, and make a responsible decision.
“I want to make the decision in a respectable amount of time,” he said. “I will take my visits, and see the different campuses. I am really looking for a school with the whole package. I don’t want to drag this decision out for the sake of dragging it out.”
Britton knows that this decision will be a tough one because he has kept it in perspective. He doesn’t see the selection process as an albatross, but rather, he sees it as a blessing.
“It is going to be a difficult decision. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to play at the next level, and get a free education. I am sure that I will have a number of good choices, so it will not be easy.”
What’s also impressive about Britton is that he’s worked hard in the classroom and hopefully will be able to graduate in December, making him an even hotter commodity. So if you’re looking for the best in El Paso for the Class of 2005, look no further than Edwards Britton, because he’ll be a recruit that coaches will recruit heavily.