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Edwards applying himself

A football recruit knows they’re applying to Stanford when a score of 1,130 on the college boards needs a little improvement. That’s exactly the case with Trent Edwards, the 6-foot-4, 190-pound quarterback from Los Gatos, Calif.
“I needed to score a little higher on the verbal part of the test, so I took the SAT again last week,” Edwards explained. “I’ve got one more essay to finish, and then my application for Stanford will be ready to send off.”
While Edwards is definitely looking at Stanford, and is scheduled to visit the Farm officially on Dec. 7, he says he is also still considering two other schools heavily.
Those two schools are UCLA and Michigan. He is slated to visit UCLA on Jan. 18 and is set for Michigan on Jan. 11.
UCLA has already taken two quarterbacks in the class of 2002, a fact that is not lost on Edwards.
“I would be wrong to say that them taking two other quarterbacks wouldn’t be a factor. Even though I think that competition is good for you, it is still a little bit of a factor. But I’m going into this open-minded.”
He certainly is keeping an open mind. Edwards said he may go down to this week’s UCLA game with his father just to see the Bruins in person once more. The last time he saw UCLA was during their loss to Stanford in Palo Alto.
Michigan also remains in the hunt and the Wolverines are using a variety of coaches to try to influence Edwards’ into choosing their school.
“I’ve talked to several different coaches on their staff – Coach Hoke, Coach Morrison, Coach Parrish – a bunch of them,” he said of the Wolverines. “I really liked Michigan when I went out there over spring break, so I’m kind of anxious to see it again.”
Edwards said his current top three choices very well could be the only three schools he visits. Florida and Tennessee remain somewhat involved, but are not really a part of the process anymore.
Edwards is considered the No. 3 pro-style quarterback prospect in the country by Rivals100 and is ranked as the No. 44 prospect overall in the country.