Dunmore takes another Oregon trip

Yadie Dunmore made it back to Oregon this past weekend for another game but did not stay the whole time.
It's not that the 2014 running back from Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon lost interest in the Ducks but it was such a blowout win against Colorado that Dunmore decided to beat the crowds out of Autzen Stadium.
"I only stayed for the first half," Dunmore said. "It was great though. It started out like every other Oregon game and then it got out of hand."

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The Ducks are clearly an early favorite for Dunmore, whose brother, Oshay, plays on the team and that is one of the big draws for the 2014 prospect.
Dunmore plans to remain patient though because Oregon's coaches haven't given any clear indication whether they'd offer or not. His brother's recruitment took a similar course so the junior running back is fine with waiting a while longer.
"Every day I think about it," Dunmore said. "Just hopefully I get the opportunity to play there. Just the opportunity to see (Oshay) down there on the sideline gives me a lot of motivation.
"It was kind of like the same process. He definitely tells me to be patient. I'm a basketball and football player so he keeps telling me to wait it out and to keep my doors open."
Not only is there a family connection to Oregon but one of style, too.
Dunmore said the offense at Eugene Sheldon, which is still undefeated like the Ducks, looks very similar and it's something he'd be comfortable with from early on. Adapting to a new system might be a little easier for him.
"It's crazy," Dunmore said. "It's kind of weird because my high school is kind of like that. It's kind of funny to see my brother's team like that, too. It's definitely kind of similar."
Oregon isn't the only program showing interest. Arizona State sent some recruiting mail in the last few days and Dunmore also has heard from Nebraska, Cal and Boise State early in his recruitment.