DT Watkins lands dream offer

Forest City (N.C.) Chase defensive tackle Carlos Watkins picked up two new offers recently. One of the latest for the 6-foot-4, 275-pounder is a dream come true.
"I was told through one of my friends that Auburn is going to offer me, but I haven't talked to the coach yet, they haven't told me and then Miami has offered."
Watkins first touched on Auburn.
"That's real big," he said. "I didn't know too much before they were in the national championship, but they had a pretty good program this year and put out a few good defensive linemen on their team this past season."
Meanwhile, the Miami offer was one Watkins had been waiting for.
"It's a lifelong dream, it's something I've been wanting," he said. "I grew up liking the school and now it's a dream come true. I could have a chance of going to the school I always loved, I really love that offer."
Why does Watkins like Miami so much?
"My dad liked them, he grew up watching them when Ray Lewis was there and they had all the great athletes," he said. "They've put out so many future hall of famers, and so many people in the NFL have gone to that school. They are five-time national champions and it was a great school coming up as a little kid."
It certainly sounds like Miami is a leader though.
"They are high on my list, but you know I can't knock out other colleges," he said. "I have to make a visit and then I'll narrow it down from there.
"I can say Clemson, Miami, Alabama and South Carolina are up there. All of those schools are great programs known for their football."
As for visits, Watkins plans to take some soon.
"I hope to get out somewhere soon, I really don't know where," he said. "Most of the time it's a last minute thing.
"I think Jonathan Bullard and I are trying to get to Alabama together. It's a possibility we could go to school together, it's a big chance of us playing together."
With an offer he was hoping for coming in, are there any others he wants?
"I wouldn't mind getting one from Virginia Tech or maybe even Texas," he said. "I know Texas only recruits inside their state. I've just heard Virginia Tech is a great place and they are ACC Champs. I'd like to go there and see it.
"But, I am happy with what I've got now."