DT to check out Tennessee this week

It’s going to be a who’s who at this weekend’s big Florida-Tennessee game and another somebody just placed an RSVP to attend the big bash in Rocky Top. Add Belows Creek (N.C.) Carver defensive tackle Isaiah Thomas to the list of unofficial visitors.
“I’m hoping to see how things go up there,” Thomas, a 6-foot-3, 300-pound four-star defensive tackle, said. “I’ve never seen a game there, and I hear it’s quite an experience. Don’t they have about 100,000 people there? That should be fun.”
A while back, Thomas listed North Carolina as his top team, but he’s sort of shying away from that statement now.
“It’s hard to say,” he said. “I could be thinking something totally different after I see what it’s like at Tennessee. And I’m not ruling out N.C. State, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia Tech.”
All of those teams have offered Thomas, along with Nebraska and Oklahoma, but Nebraska and Oklahoma have been eliminated.
“My momma didn’t want me to go that far away from home,” he said. “So I had to tell the Big 12 schools no. It’s just too far away.”
Thomas was at the North Carolina-Texas game last week and came away impressed with the Tar Heel’s effort, despite the loss.
“That was a very good Texas team,” he said. “They fought until the end and hung in there.”
In Belows Creek Carver’s first two games, Thomas has two sacks.