DT Stockton up to a dozen offers

Offers are picking up for Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School defensive tackle Tyler Stockton. The 6-foot-1, 290-pounder pulled in three more offers recently including two huge ones.
"I got offers from Tennessee, Northwestern and Notre Dame," he said. "I'm really excited about all of them.
"I got a chance to speak with Coach Weis from Notre Dame. It was an honor. My coach told me to call him and I was shocked, I didn't know what for. I went to camp twice there last year and I got a good vibe from the coaches. Coach Weis told me when he saw my tape, he couldn't believe it was the same kid he saw at camp."

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How big of an offer is the one from the Irish?
"It's huge especially to me," he said. "I don't have any favorites, but Notre Dame has the tradition and they have everything. Everybody knows Notre Dame and they are always playing on TV, it's exciting."
Meanwhile, Stockton touched on his other two offers.
"I'm excited about both of them as well," he said. "I called Coach Slade from Tennessee. I'm going to call Coach Fulmer soon too. I always hear about their stadium and how it's unbelievable. It gets really loud and rowdy. I like that.
"As for Northwestern, it's a good academic school and a smaller school like where I'm at now. The transition would be easy. I spoke to the coach from there and got a good vibe."
The new offers push Stockton's total offer list to 12, but a number of other schools are very interested.
"I'm still hearing from a lot of colleges," he said. "Oklahoma is talking to me along with California and USC. They both are starting to get very interested. I'm starting to hear a lot more from the West Coast schools."
Stockton isn't the only talent at The Hun School in 2009. He is joined on the defensive line by stud end Anthony LaLota. Would the two like to play together in college?
"I'd love to play with Anthony," he said. "We had a really good year last year and got to practice together. We've talked about it a little bit already.
"A lot of coaches keep asking if we're a package deal. We haven't talked about it enough, but it would be an honor to play with him."