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DT Poggi makes his choice

Baltimore (Md.) Gilman defensive tackle Henry Poggi has made his decision between Alabama and Michigan. The 6-foot-4, 260-pounder visited both programs numerous times, but felt more comfortable at one program than he did at the other. Where is the nation's No. 2 defensive tackle headed and why?
Poggi released this statement to Rivals.com exclusively this morning.
"My college choices have come down to Alabama, Michigan and Tennessee. I really like Alabama and still do. Coach Saban is an amazing person and a legendary coach. Coach Thompson is a quality man and I have so much respect for both of those men. I have a very close friend and former teammate at Alabama. I also like Tennessee and Coach Sunseri is a very important person in my life. He is like family to me."
"I am grateful to say that I am choosing Michigan. I feel comfortable there and I hope I will fit in. I know that they have great players on their roster and great players at my position on their roster and in the incoming recruiting classes. I will do my best to compete and hopefully I will make the team and be additive in helping the team reach their goals. I know that I start at the bottom of the depth chart."
"I plan on studying business and being a good teammate fit in the locker room."
Poggi went on to tell Rivals.com more about his decision which essentially came down to Michigan and Alabama as he stated on Sunday.
"In the end they were both great programs and I knew I couldn't go wrong, but it came down to kids and coaches as well as academics for me at Michigan."
Poggi, who last visited Michigan about a month ago, elaborated on what made Brady Hoke and his program stand out.
"When I say kids it was about the current players and the current recruiting class," he said. "I have become close with many of them including guys like Kyle Bosch, Joe Bolden and Taylor Lewan and a bunch of other players I met. This recruiting class is so tight and really has formed a bond already and I felt that. I wanted to feel like a part of a family and Michigan offered that."
As for coaches, obviously Hoke and others stood out.
"Coach Hoke is a great coach, I think Michigan is ready to take that next step to being a national title contender and I really like coach Mattison and coach Montgomery," he said. "The whole staff was great actually. I think they'll prepare me to be the best I can be. I'm going to start off as a five technique for the first few years and then I'll eventually become a three technique so I like the plan they have for me there. They really spelled out what they saw in me."
Finally the academics at Michigan were a key factor as well.
"A degree at Michigan has a lot of pull and means a lot," he said. "It will help me out down the line whether football works out or not. There is no guarantee with football and knowing I will have that degree to fall back on is big. I wanted to pick from the top two programs in the country and I think I did and I'm happy I chose Michigan."