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DT McReynolds starting visits

With four of his five official visits set, and the fifth in the works, four-star defensive tackle Kevin McReynolds of Washington (D.C.) St. John's College is set to deal with his recruiting head on. It all starts off this weekend in California, and will end up in February with a National Signing Day announcement.
McReynolds, 6-foot-3 and 300-pounds, already had official visits to UCLA and Oregon scheduled, and recently added Syracuse and Arkansas to his calendar. South Carolina will receive the fifth visit, but that has yet to be finalized. McReynolds gave a few thoughts about each of the five schools.
UCLA: (12/3) "They've obviously been up and down this season, but they're trying to move in the right direction. I can't fault them for that. I went there during the summer, but I want to go again and see what they have."
Syracuse: (12/10) "The coaches and the people there are great. Also the fact that Antwan Bailey is the starting running back there now, and he went to my high school."
Oregon: (1/14) "Those are some interesting people over there. The coaches are great and they obviously know what they're doing. Everyone in the country will agree with you on that."
South Carolina: "They're in the SEC Championship game, and you can't get much better than that."
Aside from these five schools, McReynolds also mentioned that Maryland remains in the picture, but he will not be taking an official visit to the school.
"I'm still looking at Maryland, but they're so close to home so I can visit anytime I want," said McReynolds.
As his visits are quickly approaching, McReynolds mentioned a few things he will be looking for.
"I want to see how the coaches are," he said. "I want to see how they are during the season. I've seen them during the summer when nothing else is really going on, but I want to see how they are under pressure. I know that it's still controlled during an official visit, but I want to see how they are."
With his listing of official visits, distance will obviously not play a factor in his final decision.
"No, not at all," he said. "God has blessed me with my abilities, with what I do, and I'm grateful for that. Having all of these schools to choose from, I'm blessed and I also have a lot of people to thank for that too."
Finally, McReynolds, who will make his final decision on National Signing Day, was asked if he had a favorite.
"I'm an open book right now," said McReynolds. "Right now, I really don't know."