DT enjoyed FSU visit

Jacksonville (Fla.) Ed White defensive tackle Chris Turner has his final seven, and he got to see two of them in action this past weekend.
“I was at the Florida State-Miami game for an unofficial visit,” Turner said. “It was an up-and-down game, but I think the best team on Saturday won.”
So does the lost change his impression of Florida State and Miami?
“Not really,” he said. “That’s not really a factor. I basically rooted for Florida State and Miami each one half. The people at Florida State were really nice, and I liked the atmosphere in the locker room after the game. They were still a team. Florida State was hurt because they lost, but thy also knew that they were going to be back.”
Turner said he was there with teammates Lonnie Davis and athlete Charles Hill.
When it comes to leaders, Turner said Florida, Florida State, Georgia, USC, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State and Oklahoma are his final seven.
“The top seven are all No. 1,” he said. “It’s too hard to pick a leader. I’m going to set up my visits after the season is over.”