DT Brown adjusting well to new school

Just a year ago Christian Brown was regarded as one of the top junior defensive tackles in the state of Florida.
Now he's found a new home at Bridgeton, N.J., and is one of the Garden State's top prospects from the Class of 2012.
Bridgeton's first game of the year was on Friday and they won 54-7. Brown was a big part of that.

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"I want to say I had about two sacks and three or four tackles," the 6-foot-2, 280-pound defensive tackle said. "I did pretty good in that game. I've improved my speed.
"To tell you the truth I think we can make it to the (state) championship."
Brown hasn't had a lot of contact with colleges lately but he did call all of the coaches that have been recruiting him and inform them of his move.
"I haven't completely made up my mind on all the (official) visits I want to take but I know I want to visit West Virginia, Illinois and Kentucky," he said.
Are those three schools his favorites?
"I won't say they're my favorites but those are the ones I'm looking at."
Brown expects all of those visits to come during his senior season. He hopes to make a decision at the end of the season.