Droogsma set to see his favorites again

Gulf Breeze (Fla.) three-star offensive guard Austin Droogsma is set to see his top two once again over the next few days.
"I am leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for FSU and then I am going to Clemson on Friday," Droogsma said. "Those are still my top two. They are really tied right now."
The 6-foot-4, 305-pound offensive lineman shared some reasons why he is so high on the Tigers and Seminoles.

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Clemson: "It feels like that hometown. It really has a hometown feel. It is a football town. That town I don't really think would be there without the school being there. I like that about that place but at the same time it is out in the country. Sometimes that can be good, and sometimes not so much. One of the other things I like about it is that it is close to some family, about an hour and a half away (in Union, S.C.) from my aunt's house. I like that I could go over there and visit whenever I have time."
Florida State: "FSU is my school. I grew up with FSU, my dad threw discus at FSU - it is what I grew up around. It was the dream offer and I got it. But Clemson has just made it so hard because I do like Clemson a lot, but FSU is what I know. I have been to baseball games, football games, softball games, soccer games. I know that campus. I just know that place so well."
As for the possibility of a decision after his upcoming visits, Droogsma isn't sure he will be ready quite yet.
"I don't know," Droogsma said. "The visits are going to tell me a lot. I am going to talk to the coaches because I really want to get a feel for what their outlook is for me as far as what their plans are in a hypothetical situation if I was to commit and become a part of that team. I want to know what the four or five year outlook is for me."
Droogsma says the biggest reason he hasn't made a decision yet is because it is so hard to tell Jimbo Fisher or Dabo Swinney that he won't be attending their respective school.
"I would have no problem going to either school," Droogsma said. "The hard part is they both want me and it is just going to be very difficult telling one of them no."
Droogsma said that if a decision doesn't come after these weekend visits, he will either announce towards the end of his regular season in November or at a national all-star game if he were to be invited to one.