Doyle sees firsthand Friedgen news

Wake Forest (N.C.) Wake Forest-Rolesville offensive tackle Ryan Doyle took his official visit to Maryland this weekend. While on the trip the 6-foot-6, 265-pounder was able to see how everything went down with regards to the losses of Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin.
"I actually went up there for an official visit," he said. "While all this was unfolding I was there and I kind of had a sense and my parents knew that something was up, but we didn't know what.
"I knew Coach Friedgen wasn't going to be there forever, but we didn't know about Coach Franklin leaving until Thursday or Friday. That kind of came as a shock to us, but we got everything explained and everything figured out. We know our commitments are still good and overall I'm still feeling confident about the situation."

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Despite the surprising news, Doyle enjoyed his time on the official.
"I have to give it to those coaches," he said. "A lot of these guys, it's the worst news for them, but they put on their happy faces and made that weekend really, really good. Looking at them, you couldn't tell anything was wrong, my hat is off to those guys."
So how does he react to all the news?
"Well, I think most of it I was almost kind of prepared for the situation, maybe not this year, but next year," he said. "Coach Franklin is a great coach and I'm happy for him that he'll be a head coach at Vanderbilt. In my high school career, I've played for a different head coach a couple times and I've learned to deal with it.
"I don't know who the next head coach will be, but I assume he'd bring in at least a few people."
Obviously the overwhelming rumors involve Mike Leach and Doyle reacted to that.
"I've looked him up a bit and read about him some," he said. "A head coach is a head coach, if he comes up here I'm going to make it work and play as best as I can to make sure we win the ACC Championship."
Doyle confirmed he is solid with the Terrapins.
"Definitely, I'm committed to Maryland," he said. "I committed when they were 2-10 in April. I'm not one of these guys that saw and watched them and said they are pretty good. I got a good feeling about them before they played at all. I still feel strongly about this program and I'd like to be part of it.
"I like the school and the way they practice and play. That's a program I like on every level."
Doyle helped his team to a 14-2 record this season and is now participating in the NUC All-World Gridiron Classic in Charleston, S.C. at the end of the month.