Doxtators recruitment takes a turn

Drew Doxtator's recruiting situation is a bit of a guessing game at this point.
The Henderson (Nev.) Foothill quarterback holds verbal offers from schools such as UNLV, New Mexico and San Jose State. He's shown up to camps and landed on top performers lists of all sorts. And still, the major offers are yet to bust through his door.
There's a bit of uncertainty in his voice when he speaks about the situation. Somehow, even Doxtator himself is uncertain of exactly where he stands with BCS-programs. The process is still very new to him. All he sees are piles of mail.

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"My coach just actually explained to me that not every school that is recruiting you is sending you recruiting letters, so a lot of them are just calling him," he said. "That completely changed the game for me. I had no idea."
Part of the "game-change" is a second unofficial visit to Stanford. Doxtator will be in the area for an Elite 11 camp next month and will take another look at the Cardinal's campus at that time. No offer from the school has surfaced yet. If it does, great, but Doxtator is being honest with himself about the situation.
His words aren't one heard very often on the recruiting trail. He's insightful in a way that you don't see from many 2014 prospects.
"I love it at Stanford. The only thing is that they have that redshirt freshman that started for them," Doxtator said. "Then, they have a kid a year ahead of me. I want to go somewhere where I can play three of four years and be able to have fun. That's the biggest thing. Personally, I think I could beat out the kid that's one year ahead of me. But when you walk into a situation with a kid two years ahead of you that's already starting, it's tough."
Doxtator's recruiting plight stems from a mishmash of factors. First and foremost, is the fact that an injury cut his junior season short. Being new on the recruiting scene hasn't helped, either. Doxtator moved to Nevada from a small Wisconsin town with a population of 1,300 people a few years back.
The exposure he's getting these days is relatively new. Still, his home-state school -- new coaching staff and all -- hasn't lost touch.
"I'm going to visit Wisconsin when I go back for my cousin's wedding," Doxtator said. "Coming up here, I'm supposed to call them. They can't call me first at a certain time period, but my coach told me they want me to call them. I'm on spring break right now, but I'm going to start calling these colleges after spring break."
Major offers haven't started rolling in just yet, but already a push-and-pull exists. There are opinions about the quarterback's future flying in from all directions. Exploring them too closely at this point, however, is premature.
"My mom pushes for Stanford because she sees that as the best academically," Doxtator said. "My dad pushes for whatever school I can go in and have three of four years and have fun. All my family back in Wisconsin, like my grandparents and aunts and uncles, they all pull for Wisconsin. That's a big deal if I can go back there and get three of four years of playing time."
Doxtator played just six games last season before being sidelined with a minor knee injury. He still managed to pass for 1,998 and 17 touchdowns while completing 50 percent of his passes.