Downs picks up Oregon State offer

At this point, Devante Downs is short on strong opinions as they relate to his recruitment.
Early favorites? Nope. There aren't any scheduled visits, either. In fact, Downs has no real take on anything. The two-way star plays both running back and linebacker at Washington's Mountlake Terrace High School. And you can probably guess how it goes when he's asked which spot he'd like to play in college.
"I'm not, like, picking a position," Downs said. "I'm going to go to wherever the best opportunity is for me."

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Whatever the case, Downs' seventh offer, an invite from Oregon State, was his first as a linebacker. The other six he curently lists are contingent on him playing running back. No matter how hard he's pressed, don't expect him to make a ruling on which is more appealing.
When he starts down that road, things dead-end in a hurry.
"Running back is maybe my first choice, but linebacker is like 1-A," Downs said. "It really doesn't matter. If everything was equal and they gave me a choice, I might play running back, but I'll play linebacker too."
Oregon State assistant [Trent] Bray is the man who extended Downs' latest offer. And the Wednesday-afternoon conversation that followed included all the standard recruiting fare.
"He just told me they really want me there," Downs said. "We talked about linebacker and stuff.
"I just like how they produce pros and pull the max out of you. They're always well coached and they're winning now. There's a lot to like."
Even when he kicks around ideas for possible visits, he keeps thing vague. Downs has this non-committal thing down to a science. It's impressive to observe.
"I want to take visits to the California schools," he said. "I'm just waiting to see what all of my offers will be so I can make the best choice."
In addition to the Oregon State offer, Downs holds invitations from Arizona State, California and Washington among others.