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Dowling back from Big 12 trip

Sean Dowling was impressed.
How couldn't he be?
The Fallbrook, Calif., three-star offensive tackle who's been committed to UCLA since mid-April was on his official visit to Oklahoma this weekend and coach Bob Stoops and the rest of the coaches showed him how much they've won there.
There was a lot for Dowling to see.
"It's Oklahoma so it's one of the most-storied football programs ever," Dowling said.
"I got to meet coach Stoops and he showed me his various assortment of Big 12 championship rings, national championship rings, bowl championship watches. It was pretty crazy just walking around and seeing all the games they won and all the stuff they've done."
All the success struck a particular nerve with Dowling, a 6-foot-6, 265-pound prospect who visited Washington State last weekend and is also scheduling trips to Oregon State and Vanderbilt.
"It was really cool for me especially because I go to a high school that doesn't win a lot," Dowling said.
"I haven't won a lot of games in the past four years so being around guys like that and to have an opportunity to go to a school like that and win that many games would be pretty neat for me."
It's something to certainly consider but Dowling has been 100 percent committed to the Bruins and remains that way after this trip. It seems like nothing can sway the Fallbrook standout away from UCLA.
"It's one of the interesting, cool things that Oklahoma has to offer but I'm not sure how much influence it has with me," Dowling said.
"UCLA could definitely get there. It's a new program with a new head coach with three freshmen offensive linemen. It's going to take them a while to get their bearings and where they need to be. There are other things out there but right now I couldn't be happier to be a Bruin."