Dorsey flooded with mail

Junior defensive tackle Adren Dorsey and his teammates at Tyler (Texas) John Tyler will kick off their post-season campaign this week with Dallas Carter. All the while, Dorsey has more mail from colleges than he knows what to do with.
The 6-foot-4, 280-pounder has also been sharing time at both offensive guard and defensive tackle for his team. Defense is most likely his future and his play these last few years has ushered in the early recruiting interest.
"Oh man, it's tough to remember all the schools that send mail," Dorsey said. "The ones that stand out that I remember is Ohio State, Kansas State, Miami, and Florida State."

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The schools Dorsey seems to have an early interest in all have one common thread – they're outside of the state. Is that what Dorsey wants to do?
"Yeah, I kind of want to get out of Texas," Dorsey said. "I've been in Texas the majority of my life and I want to see what else is out there."
Dorsey calls himself an "all-around player" that will use "physical force" or "finesse" depending on his opponent.
"If I have a slower player, I'm going to use my quickness to beat him to the punch," Dorsey said. "If they're weaker, I'll use my strength and aggression to get the better of them.
"That's why I prefer defense. Either way, I just like hitting people."