Dorsey duo playing waiting game

It has been a long since the Bruins landed a player from Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey, but this year due to the efforts led by interim head coach DeWayne Walker and Bruin wide receiver coach Eric Scott definite inroads have been made back to the city and it paid off handsomely landing, not one but two Dorsey standouts.
The two players are running back/safety, Johnathan Franklin (5-11, 185, 4.4) and his good friend defensive back/wide receiver Rahim Moore (6-0, 190, 4.4). Both players are four-stars.
Moore is a Rivals100 member and Franklin has been selected the Rivals250 team. Both players made the California Top 100 team for the class of 2008.
Both players were disappointed with the news of Karl Dorrell's departure.
Franklin was short and sweet to the point.
"It was unfortunate for Coach Dorrell," Franklin said. "As long as Coach DeWayne Walker and Coach Eric Scott are there, I'll be a Bruin. If that changes I will open things up.
Moore was has been very busy answering the phone since the news broke of Dorrell's release.
"Now that Coach Dorrell is gone, my phone is ringing off the hook," Moore said. "I'm seeing area codes I haven't seen before.
"I was disappointed and shocked when I heard about Coach (Dorrell)," Moore said. "I was hoping he would get a chance to coach me.
"Now the question is who is going to take over the job," Moore said. "They could come in and get rid of the whole coaching staff.
"As long as E (Eric Scott) and Coach DeWayne Walker are there I'll be okay, but I'll have to see who the new head coach is," Moore said. "If it is Coach Walker then everything will be fine and dandy with me because I know he can do the job.
"I will be visiting UCLA next week (December 14th) and then I'm going to take a visit to Texas," Moore said. "I may take one to North Carolina.