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Dorsey could dominate for 2008

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Tyler John Tyler coach Thomas Brooks knows a big thing when he sees it.
So when he says junior-to-be defensive tackle Adren Dorsey is going to be outstanding, you know that he's going to be right on the mark. But if you talk to Dorsey about that type of praise, the soft-spoken 6-foot-4, 280-pounder quickly deflects the conversation to a discussion about getting better.
"I don't know if that's really true," Dorsey said when asked if he was the top junior defensive linemen in Texas. "I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of improving ahead. I expect a lot out of myself and know that I have a lot of good talent to work with.
"But I need to get better. I have to keep lifting weights to get stronger, get in better condition and learn how to better apply myself to different positions."
Dorsey said he is going to work a little bit on the offensive line this fall, but his main focus is to become an even more dominant defensive tackle.
"I have a good motor," he said. "I like to get after that quarterback. I just keep pushing and pushing and do what it takes to get there."
Brooks thinks he'll get there to the quarterback quite a bit this fall. He also thinks Dorsey is in line to become one of the more heavily recruited players in East Texas in the class of 2008.
"He's going to be outstanding," Brooks said. "He'll see some time on the offensive line, but he'll be a defensive tackle on the next level. He's already getting mail and he's real excited about what's going to happen."
Dorsey is definitely pumped up about his future. Ask him about college and recruiting and his eyes light up.
"I've not thought about it too much yet, but I think it would be cool to be recruited by Texas and USC," he said. "Those would be my big two. Texas is, you know, pretty good. And everybody likes what's going on at USC now, so it'd be up there if they wanted to recruit me."