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Dorsey Class of 08 safety could be the best

Class of 2008 safety standout Rahim Moore (6-1, 190, 4.45) from Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey has unlimited potential. This talented product of Los Angeles is only 15 and won't turn 16 until February that means he won't turn 18 until after his freshman year in college. There is no telling how much bigger and better Moore will become next year at this time when will be no doubt one of the most sought after high school prospects in the nation.
Moore was one of many underclassmen who were in the audience for UCLA's stunning upset over USC 13-9.
"I was there and it was a really good game," Moore said. "It was the first time I went to a game where I stood on my seat. I even saw the students standing on their seats.
"I was there with Milton Knox Jr., Johnathan Franklin, Raymond Carter, Donovan Warren, Will Chandler and a lot more."
"Right now UCLA is my only offer, but I think Nebraska and Arizona will offering me soon," Moore said. "Florida, Notre Dame, Washington and Oregon are already sending me letters."
Though Moore is only 15 years old, he is very mature and very business like in approach to life, school and football.
"I'm really tired of seeing my Mom struggling so football and college mean a lot," Moore said. "I want to make it so my Mom won't have to struggle anymore and everything she has done for me I want to give back. Every interception and every tackle, I do for God and my Mom."
"I don't have a favorite college right now," Moore said. "I want to concentrate in the off season to become better as a football player. I want to win a championship my senior season."
Though Moore had a solid junior season accounting for approximately 100 tackles and seven interceptions. He isn't taking any chances and after his season ended he went right back to work.
"I'm not taking any breaks," Moore said. "I'm lifting weights and running.
"Like what my Coach Carver and my Coach Doug tell me," Moore said. "It's not how hard you practice during the season it is how hard you work in the off-season.
"When Crenshaw was playing Birmingham, I was in my garage lifting weights. When Birmingham plays San Pedro I will put a TV in my garage and watch them play while I'm working out.
"When all is said and done, I want to be known as the best safety to ever suit up in a Dorsey uniform and I want to be the best safety in the country."