Dont overlook Gateways Saddler

Shayne Hale isn't the only name to keep an eye on from Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway in 2008. His teammate, athlete Cameron Saddler holds a handful of offers already too.
"Cameron's got offers from Virginia, North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Temple," Gateway head coach Terry Smith said. "He may have one or two more that I'm forgetting.
"Michigan hasn't officially offered him yet, but that one will likely come in the very near future. All of their assistants have told me they approve of his film they just have to get the ok from coach Carr."

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Certainly, Saddler doesn't fit the mold of a prototypical Division I prospect at just 5-foot-6, 153-pounds. What do coaches already see in the star athlete?
"What Devin Hester is to the NFL, Cameron can bring to the collegiate level," he said. "He's an explosive kick returner that returned five for touchdowns along with two punt returns. He had over 1,000 yards in kick returns this past year and then also put over 1,045 yards rushin along with 309 receiving and 14 more touchdowns.
"When he touches the ball he's very explosive and he loves to play the game. Wherever he goes, from day one he'll be their return specialist."
Does Saddler have any favorites?
"He's wide open," he said. "He's already been to Michigan and absolutely loved it there. I think they are the frontrunner, but it's very early. In relation to them, I know he felt really comfortable and liked the way they treated him there including Lloyd Carr and the rest of the coaching staff."
Smith went on to say what kind of person his star athlete is.
"He's the kind of kid that walks into a room and all eyes come on him," he said. "He's got an outstanding personality and loves life. You can never keep him down. On top of that, he's a good student and will have no problem qualifying."
Saddler had over 2,500 all-purpose yards as a junior and earned all-conference and AAAA first team all-state honors as a junior.