Dominant LB emerges at Carson NUC

CARSON, Calif. - The National Underclassmen Combine hit the Los Angeles area recently, as the Home Depot Center in Carson, California played host to two sessions. The morning session was led by sophomore LB Brandon Brown, who turned in one of the most dominant performances of this 2008 combine season.
Brown (6 feet 1 and 243 pounds) of Norco High School, was completely dominating physically during the morning session. He already possesses DI size and speed, and has the potential to be one of the top recruits in the Class of 2010. Aside from winning the Overall MVP, Brown also won the Strongest Man award with 36 reps on 155 pounds. He equally dominated the other combine events with a 4.60 40, 8'3" broad, and 30.5-inch vertical.
Also winning two awards was freshman RB Nolan Plummer of Bishop Montgomery High School. Plummer (5 feet 6 and 148 pounds) took home the RB MVP, as well as the Freshman Combine King award, after demonstrating his athletic ability, footwork, and overall movement skills throughout the morning. He also had a 27.5-inch vertical, 4.83 40, 8'9" broad, 4.53 shuttle and 14 reps on 135 pounds.

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Another frosh who impressed was Freshman MVP Antwaun Woods of Taft High School. Woods (6 feet 1/2 and 268 pounds) has an incredible build for a freshman defensive lineman, and was completely dominant during one-on-ones. Woods also had a 22.5-inch vertical, 5.51 40, 5.08 shuttle, and 34 reps on 155 pounds.
The WR MVP and the Leadership Award both went to players from Lakewood High School. Sophomore DB Terrence Woods took home the Leadership Award after having an excellent morning during one-on-ones, and showing his leadership skills within both his group and the camp. Woods (5 feet 4 and 161 pounds) also had a 26.5-inch vertical, 4.87 40, and 4.72 shuttle. Winning the WR MVP for Lakewood was sophomore Kevin Anderson, who at 5 feet 9 and 166 pounds has a impressive combination of hands, route running ability and athleticism. He also didn't disappoint during the combine events with a 32-inch vertical, 4.62 40, 4.36 shuttle, 9'5" broad and 14 reps on 155 pounds. Also deserving special mention at the receiver position was sophomore Marc Millan of Mission Viejo High School. Millan (5 feet 11 and 173 pounds) is a big-time playmaker, who made numerous deep receptions. He also had a 27-inch vertical, 4.99 40, 4.67 shuttle, 8'8" broad and 21 reps on 155 pounds.
Winning the DB MVP was sophomore Martin Rogers of Lincoln High School, who at 6 feet and 181 pounds showcased great cover skills and a physical style of play that made him dominant throughout the morning. He also had an 8'11" broad, 4.78 shuttle, 4.98 40, and 26.5-inch vertical.
Sophomore Brandon Connette of Santiago High School was named the QB MVP after showing pinpoint accuracy, impressive leadership skills and a fabulous deep ball. Connette (6 feet 1 1/2 and 183 pounds) also had 20 reps on 155 pounds, a 4.45 shuttle, 5.06 40 and 31.5-inch vertical. Just missing out on the QB MVP, and deserving a special mention, was sophomore Brett Nottingham of Monte Vista High School. Nottingham (6 feet 2 1/2 and 185 pounds) demonstrated great velocity on his throws, plus he had a smooth delivery and good athleticism. He also had a 27-inch vertical, 4.88 40, 8'3" broad, and 4.39 shuttle.
Making their family proud were the Barnes twins of St. John Bosco High School. The sophomores took home two awards, with Christopher Barnes taking home the LB MVP, while Justin Barnes won the Combine King Award. Christopher (5 feet 9 and 192 pounds) was spectacular during one-on-ones, while showing a great combination of speed and power. He also had a 9'1" broad, 4.60 shuttle, 4.69 40, 24-inch vertical and 21 reps on 155 pounds. Justin was the Combine King during the morning session after a 27.5-inch vertical, 9'1" broad, 4.64 40, 4.44 shuttle and 27 reps on 155 pounds. Aside from the combine events, the 5-foot-7 and 191-pound linebacker/running back, also showed impressive speed and athletic ability throughout the individual drills and one-on-ones.
The Fastest Man Award went to sophomore WR Brando Tessar (5 feet 11 and 167 pounds) of Chimanade College Prep. Tessar also pushed WR MVP, Kevin Anderson, to the end and just barely missed winning the award himself. Tessar, who also attended the Ultimate 100 Camp in 2007 and was named one of the Top 75 Freshman in the country by the National Underclassmen Combine, is a great all-around athlete with impressive hands and route running ability. He showcased his speed with a 4.53 40, which won him the Fastest Man Award. He also had a 30.5-inch vertical, 9'0" broad, 4.50 shuttle and 20 reps on 155 pounds.
The final two awards of the morning session went to the lineman position. The DL MVP went to sophomore George Uko of Don Lugo High School. Uko (6 feet 3 1/2 and 283 pounds) is an absolute powerhouse and is destined to be a DI defensive tackle. He also has a 100" reach, 5.21 40, 5.19 shuttle, 21-inch vertical, and 15 reps on 185 pounds. And the OL MVP went to sophomore Labib Damouni of Arcadia High School. Damouni (6 feet 1 1/2 and 270 pounds) showed great technique and footwork throughout the morning session. During the combine events he also had a 5.09 shuttle, 5.76 40, 19-inch vertical and 17 reps on 185 pounds.