Does Virginia LB have an offer

Rumors are circling that linebacker Boogie McCray out of Norfolk (Va.) Lake Taylor may have gotten a verbal offer. Rivals caught up with the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder to find out the latest on his recruitment.
"I don't have any offers yet," he said. "I am getting recruited by NC State and ODU. That's all I've heard so far.
"I may go up to NC State sometime soon for a game. I'm not sure when, I haven't planned it yet. I haven't talked to the coaches there too much about my position. I think most likely I'd be an athletic strong safety."
McCray went on about what he wants in a school.
"I'm looking for nice facilities and the type of education they've got. I'm looking to major in mathematics. Location doesn't matter at all either."
McCray has kicked off the season in a big way.
"I've scored four touchdowns this year, run for 92-yards and have one 15-yard reception," he said. "I've seen a big improvement in my vision. It's gotten better and I see holes better."