Does Dell really have a leader

Farmington Hills (Mich.) Harrison wide receiver Mark Dell is not certain when he will select a college. But it could happen in the not too distant future.
"I'm getting a little closer," he said. "But I'm still deciding right now. I'm still debating when I should decide. My parents and I are talking about it. It could be before the summer ends."
Dell has narrowed the field to a select few.

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"I'm still looking at Michigan State, Iowa, Purdue, and Wisconsin too," he said. "That's pretty much it, those four schools."
Dell has scholarship offers from all four.
"I wouldn't say they are my favorite, but Michigan State might have a slight edge," he said. "It's close to home so my parents could see me play easier there.
"But as far as liking the schools, they are all about the same."
Dell has been to one of the Spartans' camps earlier this summer.
"I might go back to their camp again next week," he said. "I've been to Purdue, but I haven't been to Wisconsin or Iowa. That's sort of why I haven't decided. I haven't visited all of them yet."
The 6-foot-1 and 177-pounder caught 43 passes for 945 yards during his junior season. Dell averaged 22 yards per reception and scored 11 times. He also intercepted seven passes on the other side of the ball.