Doering recaps NW/Iowa spring visits

Barrington, Ill. offensive tackle prospect Dan Doering (6-foot-6, 280 pounds) made recent visits to both Northwestern University for a spring practice as well as to the University of Iowa on Saturday for it's spring game.
“On Thursday I went to Northwestern for a visit," Dan Doering said. “I was able to watch the team practice, and I was also able to watch the coaches work with the offensive linemen. I was able to talk to both Coach Walker and Coach Patton, who's the offensive line coach. The team looks to be making progress and they seem on track to improve from last season. Overall it was a good visit and it was just a nice day overall at Northwestern."
So what were Doering's impressions of the University of Iowa spring game? "First of all, those fans are just insane, and I mean that in the best possible way. It seemed like everyone at the game knew who I was, and fans were stopping me and asking me to take pictures with them. It was all sort of strange but it was also very cool as well. Iowa is a school that I'm going to consider, especially since they have some great coaches who know offensive line play. They have a great reputation for developing offensive linemen, and both Coach Ferentz as well as Coach Morgan are very good coaches, and I also enjoy talking with them."
Doering added that, "I've been to the University of Iowa about six times now, so I have a pretty good feeling for the facilities and the football program. Since it was such a pretty day, my Dad and I drove around Iowa City for awhile and we checked out more of the campus as well as the dorms and stuff like that. I was also able to talk to the coaches as well as to some of the players, including Mike Jones. Overall it was a good game and I enjoyed Iowa City on Saturday."
Dan Doering currently has scholarship offers from LSU, Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee, Boston College, Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Southern Cal, UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech.