Doering checking out the West Coast

Barrington, Ill. offensive tackle prospect Dan Doering (6-foot-6, 280 pounds) is spending time in the Los Angeles area during his spring break.
“It's a little chilly here this morning," Dan Doering joked. “Right now it's about 82 degrees, and with the wind chill it feels like it's about 80 degrees. Seriously, were having a really good time out here this week. I've been able to just hang out, and my Dad and I are getting some golf in and we're just hanging by the pool as well. The weather has been great, and it feels good to be just able and kick back and enjoy some free time."
Before the Doering family departed for Los Angeles, Dan Doering also received two additional scholarship offers. According to Dan Doering, "Both Purdue and Boston College have made me a scholarship offer. It's just a great feeling to have so many options this early, and I'm excited about getting offers from both schools. Both Purdue and Boston College are quality schools with quality football programs as well."

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Yet for Doering and his family, the recruiting trail never seems to be too far in the back of their minds. Doering and his father Rick will spend Thursday at both UCLA and USC. "My Dad and I are going to spend Thursday at both UCLA and at USC. We're going to stop in and talk to both coaching staffs, I'm looking to get a better feel of each school and for each program. We might check out a spring practice if we have enough time on Thursday."
Once he returns from his West Coast spring break, Dan Doering is also looking at visiting a handful of spring practices. "I'm planning to check out Iowa, Michigan as well as Notre Dame over the next few weeks. I'm not sure if we'll be able to see too many others, but for now those are three schools that I'm planning on seeing this spring."
Dan Doering now has scholarship offers from Purdue, Boston College, Notre Dame, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Southern Cal, UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, Illinois and Northwestern.