Dixson hopes to end with bang

Garland, Texas, defensive end Dale Dixson and his teammates won't make the state playoffs, but he knows the perfect way to end the season.
"If we beat North Garland that might make our season," Dixson, who is 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds, said.
"I would love to knock Edorian McCullough and his teammates out of the playoffs. It would be perfect for us."
Dixson said he’d begin to line up visits shortly after the game on Friday night.
He knows he'll visit Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Texas A&M for sure. After that, USC, Georgia and Nebraska will battle for the final two trips.
He has offers from all of those teams.
"USC is the newest team on my list," Dixson said. "They just offered me last week, and Georgia starting to move up my list too. But I don't have a leader at this point.
"The atmosphere for me is going to be key. I need to find a place that's going to be a great college atmosphere - you know the town with the fan support and college town setting."