Dill visits Rutgers, names top four

Camp Hill (Pa.) Trinity offensive tackle R.J. Dill took his first unofficial visit in awhile earlier this week to Rutgers. Following the trip to Piscataway, the 6-foot-8, 284-pounder announced his top four.
"I got back from the trip to Rutgers on Tuesday and I've also set my schedule for this summer," he said. "The visit to Rutgers was great. It was probably the busiest trip I've been on because I got to take a tour of the entire campus and meet with the strength coach, position coach, coach Schiano and an academic advisor. I really got a feel for Rutgers.
"The facilities there are great and they have a unique indoor turf field for offseason work. I found that very interesting. I also found the strength coach very knowledgeable and could tell all the coaches were teachers. Before I left, I sat down for 30 or 45 minutes with coach Schiano. He gave me his whole pitch on Rutgers and talked about where I stood. It was a great day."
So, did the Scarlet Knights offer?
"They really wanted me to feel like I'm wanted, but they said there isn't a chance to give me an offer now," he stated. "They have some other guys that have already been offered and are waiting a bit to give them a chance to make a decision. I respect them for being upfront and waiting. They said if it's too long they'll offer two more kids. Coach Flood did say he really likes me and wants me to get an offer."
After the visit, Dill announced his top four.
"Before the visit Rutgers was up there and they solidified their spot, I'm also looking at Maryland, Connecticut and Pittsburgh," he said. "I picked UConn simply because of the awesome facilities. I believe I can go to a school like that and play and help them get to the top. It's also close to family and a city.
"As for Pittsburgh, it's in a major city too and there's a lot to do around there. Finally, Maryland is near Baltimore and DC and Rutgers is close to New York and Philadelphia. The reason being close to a city is so important to me is that I want to do sports management and be around pro teams. I want these next five years to set up the next 40."
While Rutgers, Pittsburgh, UConn and Maryland lead, Dill hasn't cut his list.
"I'm very flexible still, this isn't a final thing they are just the schools at the top of my list now," he said. "I'm very good at math and put together an equation of all the schools that have offered and all of these came within a point of each other."
Meanwhile, the Keystone State lineman is hoping for a few more offers.
"I'm going to camp at Florida next week from the third through the 7th," he said. "I'm going to come back and go to Pittsburgh on the 15th. They said they'll offer at camp. Then I think Michigan for two days on the 17th and Maryland on the 20th for two days. Then I'm going to Virginia on the 23rd, Rutgers on the 25th and UConn is the last trip.
"I'm hoping Virginia, Florida and Michigan might offer. Michigan is the top sports management school in the country. Their tradition in football is very good too. Virginia doesn't quite have the history in football, but it's close to home and the academic there are very good. Meanwhile, how many kids actually camp at Florida. I want to see what comes out of that."
As for a decision, Dill would like to do it soon if possible.
"I'm hoping to have my mind made up before the season," he said. "I talked to my friend Richard Muldrow who went through this last year and he wished he decided earlier. That's something I want to do so I don't have to worry about it. I kind of have a target date of July 26th, that's my birthday, but we'll see if I'm ready. I just don't want this dragging out into my season. I want to be able to play Friday nights for Trinity and help the team chemistry."