Devon Lyons looking to get away

Pittsburgh (Pa.) Woodland Hills safety/wide receiver Devon Lyons wants to get out of town if he can. While that's not good for Pitt fans, it is good news for five other schools.
"I'm still looking at Pitt, but I'm not that serious about them," said the 6-foot-2, 210-pounder. "I want to get away."
That's why Lyons is considering five schools close enough to home, but not too close.
"I like Notre Dame, Michigan State, Miami, Ohio State and Penn State," he said. "Miami is the only one really far away, the rest are a drive to home. I've already been to Notre Dame and I liked it a lot. The campus and coaches were great and my host, Travis Thomas, was really cool. Notre Dame and Michigan State are probably my two favorites."
Lyons will visit the Spartans on Oct. 31 and will also take officials to Miami, OSU and PSU for sure.
"I'll take all five visits," he said. "I need to compare and take my time."
Lyons has led his team to a 5-1 record with 19 catches for 634 yards and 12 touchdowns on offense. He has 29 tackles and two interceptions on defense.