Detroit defender rising

Detroit Consortium defensive end Stephon Hall was on no one's radar before the summer camp season, but after a breakout performance at the Sound Mind, Sound Body Camp in Southfield, Mich., last week, Hall's stock is soaring.
"It's just been coming on, really. Last year I broke my foot and that was really a downfall for me. My coach always told me you have to look forward and can't think about the past, so that's what I have been doing.
Eastern Michigan offered soon after the camp to become the 6-3, 262-pound Hall's first official scholarship offer. Attention also came from coaches at Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Syracuse and Bowling Green.

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"At the camp there were a lot of coaches and as soon as I started working the agilities, that's when it all started. A lot of coaches pulled me off to the side and were asking a lot of questions.
Along with Eastern Michigan, Hall said Michigan State and Bowling Green are showing the most interest at this time and he could camp with both schools later this summer.
"Michigan State's camp is supposed to be July 11 and they want me to come up for an offer," Hall said. "I haven't heard anything from Bowling Green, but I know they have been talking to my coach."
Now that he has registered on the recruiting radar of many schools, Hall hopes his name starts to circulate throughout the Midwest and even beyond. One Southeastern Conference school particularly intrigues him.
"My dream school would be LSU," Hall said, "but I just want to play football anywhere."
Another reason for Hall's late arrival on the recruiting scene is that he transferred this off-season to Consortium from Loyola High School in Detroit. He played tight end and defensive end last year for Loyola, and will play those positions again this fall for Consortium.