Derricott discusses visits, favorites

Dvonta Derricott plays his junior college football in Garden City, Kan. It's there that he racked up 55 tackles and an interception last season. And it's there that he earned his 21 FBS scholarship offers.
He has the Garden City program to thank for a lot. Of that, he's aware. On Sunday, though, the 230-pound linebacker took in the scenery in his native Virginia, where he sat lakeside, fishing pole in hand, and discussed his recruitment via phone.
As of now, Derricott doesn't hold a single offer from a Virginia-based school. Instead, a program based just across the border has piqued his interest.

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"I know in the fall I'm going to try to visit West Virginia for sure," Derricott said. "They are recruiting me real hard and that makes me want to visit. They told me they want me to come right in and start, and that's what I want to do. I want to come right in and start."
Derricott also has preliminary plans to tour the campus of Wisconsin, which is seen as another frontrunner to land his commitment. The Badgers' selling point, while different than the Mountaineers', is just as simple.
"Wisconsin, I'm going to visit in the fall, too," he said. "I don't know when yet, but I'm setting up a visit date. That's a winning program and a program I'm going to consider for sure."
But Wisconsin and West Virginia aren't the only programs in the running. When asked to name his current favorites, Derricott rattles off a list of five schools in no particular order.
"I'd say Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Florida, Kansas and Iowa," he said.
Timetables for everything pertaining to Derricott's recruitment are uncertain at this early juncture. That goes for a verbal commitment, too. He says he could make his choice during a visit or he could make it on an idle Tuesday. For now, those parameters are rough at best.
"I think I'm going to do it sometime during the season," Derricott said. "Maybe, I think sometime in November. That's what I'm going to shoot for."
According to Derricott, the opportunity for early playing time will be the most important factor in his decision-making process.