Derrick Williams sets second visit

Greenbelt (Md.) Eleanor Roosevelt athlete Derrick Williams, the No. 1 player in the country, has set his second official visit and it will occur this weekend.
"We're going to Penn State this weekend," said Dwight, the father of the 6-foot-0, 189-pounder. "Penn State is playing at Ohio State, but we're going to leave on Saturday and stay until Monday so we can meet with the coaches and players when they get back."
The Nittany Lions had been dropping from the Williams' list due to recent poor play.

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"There's more to picking a school than football," said Dwight. "Sure we want Derrick to have the ability to play early and make an impact on a winning team, but we also want to find the best place for him otherwise as well and we like coach Johnson and coach Paterno at Penn State and the area is nice.
"We thought at the beginning of the season that Penn State was just a few playmakers on offense away from getting back to good. The offense has been hard to watch, but we're still interested."
In addition to Penn State, which is a campus the Williams family can drive to, they will also visit Tennessee.
"I'm not sure when that date is, probably in December," Dwight said. "Derrick could be playing into the first weekend of December so we'll have the weekend of Dec. 10 and Dec. 17 and will have to do one visit during the week."
Derrick and family have already been to Florida on an official visit.
"I spoke to the athletic director and he said we'd get a chance to meet the new coach," he said. "But we'll see, because Derrick needs to pick a school by the middle of December. I also spoke to coach Zook and he was very disappointed and emotional and he wished us the best. He and the coaching staff were one of the main reasons we liked Florida and Derrick doesn't want to play for a coach he doesn't really know."
And if Steve Spurrier were hired?
"That would be interesting because of his offensive reputation, but we don't know him at all," said Dwight. "If he kept some of the current staff that would help. Derrick really likes coach Locksley."
In addition to Florida, PSU and Tennessee, Derrick will likely visit Oklahoma and either Texas or Florida State.
"Those look like the schools for now and we hope we can make all five visits," he said. "That's our plan."