DeMatha DB lands first offer

Offer No. 1 has come for a 6-foot-1, 195-pound safety in Maryland. The Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha prospect pulled the offer from the ACC and is garnering interest from a number of other schools.
"I got an offer from Maryland about a week ago on Tuesday," DeMatha safety Michael Coley said. "My coach came and told me. I like the school, it's a great school, but I'm not trying to make any decision. I'm continuing to stay humble and see how the season goes and what happens from there."
Interest is rising in Coley who also is getting looks from Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Rutgers, Connecticut and Kansas State.
Currently one school stands out to Coley early on.
"I like Miami," he said. "I like the atmosphere and I think defensively it fits me. I'm a physical safety/cornerback and like to hit. That fits me a lot."
The Maryland prospect went on about what he wants in a college.
"I'm not concerned with playing as a freshman, I just want a fair shot," he said. "I'm looking at psychology and location doesn't matter. I would like to get away."
Coley posted four interceptions and 10 receptions on offense for 300-yards on his way to second team all-conference.
"I played offense, defense and special teams," he said. "I did well going both ways and played both safety and cornerback as well as returned punts.
"I think defensively, I'm quick to the ball and like playing close to the line of scrimmage," he said. "I have good vision and read plays well. I get to the ball very quickly.
"Offensively, I'm a deep threat."