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Delay brings changes for four-star Smith

Corey Smith has grown accustom to sudden change. The four-star wide receiver committed to Tennessee out of high school before academic struggles forced him to abruptly reroute to a junior college in Michigan. Then came another transfer, this time to East Mississippi Community College prior to the start of this season.
Now, there's this:
Compared to the road he's already traveled, the latest hiccup is a minor pothole. Smith was barely jarred by the impact. But that's not to say a pushed-back graduation date hasn't changed anything. Once on pace to transfer from East Mississippi in December, Smith will now have to wait until May.
The situation, while not ideal, has given the wideout more time to sort out his decision. It seems that the list of favorites he recently named (Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi State and Ohio State) has received a quick revision.
"I'm not naming favorites or even worrying about which schools I like," Smith said on Thursday. "Right now, I'm just playing ball. It's all even.
"Schools are calling me all the time, but I'm really not trying to talk to them seriously that much."
His change of heart is a product of the change in graduation date. Smith says his new plan includes putting his recruitment on the back burner until the semester concludes in December. Only then will he turn his attention toward finding a landing spot and taking official visits.
"I'm going to sign in February," Smith said before going on to list the schools who contact him most frequently. According to him, they include, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio State and Georgia.
As for schools he'd like to check out in person after his junior college season, Smith can only shrug. Now that his arrival date has been moved back, he's waiting for new suitors to get involved. Things now, as they always seem to be with Smith, are subject to a sudden change.
"When I get all the offers I want, that's when I'm going to really narrow it down and worry about visiting," he said. "I'm waiting to see if Oregon offers me, or USC. I've talked to Texas A&M a little bit and Missouri. I'm waiting on different schools like that."
Smith doesn't come out and say it, but it's obvious that these are uncertain times for him. In fact, the only thing the Ohio native seems certain about is what he's looking for in an FBS program.
"I want a place where I can play and where I can win," he said. "I want to feel comfortable and play for a good coaching staff."