DeGrate patient with process

Waco, Texas wide receiver Tory DeGrate continues to wait patiently, but finds himself watching a few schools a little closer right now.
"I am still holding about the same as I was," the 5-foot-11, 180-pound DeGrate said. "Not a lot new has come up for a while."
With nothing new happening, DeGrate's list of offers stands firm with offers from 16 schools.
"I've got the same group of schools offering me scholarships," he said. "It is nice to have that many options. I'm not eliminating anyone at this point. I’m just kind of watching them all."
But, a few schools have grabbed DeGrate's attention a little more than others.
"I would say Oklahoma, LSU, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Colorado are at the top of my list," DeGrate said. "Those have all offered me scholarships so far and their programs interest me quite a bit."
DeGrate will probably begin to narrow his list down during the season this fall.
"It's one of those things that will happen when it happens," he said. "But, I would imagine it will probably start to set in during the season this fall. I'll start to get a good feel for what schools I want to visit at that point and then make a choice from those."
While DeGrate waits for his list to be narrowed down, he does know what he is looking for in a program.
“I want to find a good education at the school I’m going to. I want to go to a good program, that wins. And I want to try and find a place that I might be able to get on the field early on in my career, that would be good.”