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Defensive tackle picked up another offer

This top defensive lineman from Decatur MacArthur High School in Illinois now has seven offers.
"USC just offered me," Lawrence Dampeer said about any recent offers. "That is pretty good, as it is somebody out West is talking to me now and UCLA has just started to send some mail. It is just letting me know that people from all over the country, not just the Midwest and the South, are starting to look at me."
The interest is coming from some of the other major football powers.
"Nebraska is even giving me more of a look and Oklahoma also. They are sending me recruiting information and inviting me to spring games. They are getting me more involved with my coach. Also, Tennessee is talking about offering me."
The offers just continue to come from all over the country.
"USC, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan State with Michigan State and Miami being verbal (to his high school coach). And also Purdue and Northwestern (have verbally offered)."
He is determined to lead his Decatur MacArthur High School (Illinois) team to a state championship and that will be his focus this summer. It is doubtful that he will attend any college camps.
"No, right now, I'm focusing on my team. After the month of May, the recruiting is over for me. In June I will be a football player, but right now I'm going through the recruiting process and everything."
Will you be committing early?
"Oh no, I'm just weighing my options. Some schools may pop around during August. Some might wait to offer me during the season. I will talk to my parents a little bit and pray to God (about what to do)."
He is definitely considering other Big 12 schools, besides his one offer from Missouri from the Big 12 conference.
"I'm excited about Nebraska and Oklahoma, as they have been talking to me lately and Colorado, Oklahoma State. In fact, Oklahoma State has offered by verbal too. Colorado State is talking about me. There is no doubt in my mind that when Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and some of the bigger programs will be changing. I have not heard too much from them though."
Right now his favorites are from the schools that have offered him and are showing the most attention.
"My favorites are the ones that I have heard from the most."
Who are your favorites then?
"Especially the ones that I'm talking to, Illinois, Miami, Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue. The schools that are not paying too much attention to me are not my favorites."
Is distance a problem?
"Oh no. They are not too far."
Lawrence Dampeer is a total package. He is 6-foot-5, 280 pounds and he runs the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds.
He has not maxed out on his bench and squat lately, but "I usually do three sets of eight at 225 (pounds) and sometimes it is 10 (repetitions)." His vertical is 29 inches.