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Defensive line leading West

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - It didn't take very long to figure out that the strength of the West team at the U.S. Army All-American game is with the defensive line.
For most of Monday's opening practice session the West defensive linemen showed their dominance in both one-on-one and inside run drills.
"We are about 1,500 pounds across the line," Kilgore, Texas, defensive end and Texas commit Eddie Jones joked.
"We're big across the line and we know how to work together and we've only been here for one day."
Jones, along with Elton, La., defensive tackle Al Woods, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Southeast defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and Aurora, Colo., defensive linemen Butch Lewis all led the West's powerful push up front. Lewis, who is being recruited by most teams as an offensive tackle and defensive tackle actually played exclusively at defensive end on Monday.
In all, the West team has eight defensive linemen to play at four spots, which is by far the deepest position on the team.
"I was having fun out there today," Woods said. "Me and my boy Eddie (Jones) where just having fun. Nobody really stopped me today, but there was a lot of competition out there today."
Speaking of fun, McCoy showed off his athletic ability after lunch by stringing off a series of cartwheels in front of his West teammates.
When asked if he could match McCoy's cartwheels, Woods said without a doubt.
"I can do a couple cartwheels," Woods said jokingly. "But I can't do no back flips or splits."
Woods and McCoy already have a previous relationship with each other from when they took an official visit at LSU on December 9.
Woods has been a longtime LSU commitment and McCoy continues to look at the Tigers along with a whole host of other teams.
"That's a good combination between me and McCoy," Woods said. "We know the way each other plays, so he may make a move one way and I may make a move the other way."