Deehan enjoys first official

Poway (Calif.) tight end Ryan Deehan took his first official visit two weeks ago to Oregon. We were finally able to talk to the talented pass catcher and get his thoughts on his experience in Eugene.
Deehan, 6-5, 230 pounds had a great spring and summer and moved way up the charts as a result. He's easily among the top tight end prospects in the region and has all the tools to exceed at the next level.
Deehan officially visited Oregon two weeks ago when the Ducks hosted Houston and raved about his time in the Northwest.
"I had a lot of fun there and I'm very interested in Oregon right now," Deehan said. "We played Friday night and then I had to be at the airport at 3:30 in the morning so I was pretty tired. I landed around 10:30 Saturday morning and we headed over to the campus.
"The whole game day experience was really nice. We got to go up in to Phil Knights suite but we left before he got there. I had a chance to see the locker room, which was insane and be on the field for pre-game.
"I also got to hear the whole pre-game talk and see the players head out to the field. That stadium is really loud and it was a lot of fun being there. The game was cool and I really like Oregon's offense a lot. At first, I was trying to watch the tight ends but I got so caught up in the game that after awhile, I just sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere there.
"After the game, I met up with my host, Drew Davis, and we went to dinner with a bunch of the footall players. I was very comfortable there the whole time and really enjoyed hanging out with the guys and liked the city of Eugene itself.
"Sunday, I saw more of the campus, took some tours and met with the coaches. I had some good talks with Coach Belotti, Campbell, Neal and Osborne. I told them ahead of time I wanted to take my trips so they didn't really talk to me about a possible commitment.
"Right now, I'm still planning to take visits to Colorado and Arizona State and that will probably be it. Colorado is this coming weekend (Sept. 14) and ASU is (Oct. 12). Right now, I'm just trying to stay as open as I can and after I'm done with my visits, then I narrow things down a bit and look in to making a decision."