Decision not long for Texas RB

The state of Texas' highest rated athlete who has not verbally committed is Klein Collins running back Michael Goodson. It won't be long if "Big" Mike Goodson has anything to say about it.
Young Mike is blessed with an athletic pedigree with roots that originated from the tough New York/New Jersey blacktop basketball courts. His quick moves, toughness and explosive bursts were handed down by his father, Big Mike, who held his own against the likes of east coast legends Pearl Washington (Syracuse), Mark Jackson (St. Johns) and David Rivers (Notre Dame).
Big Mike parlayed his skills into a scholarship at the University of Pittsburg, where he and the Panthers thrived in the Big East, the best basketball conference in the period where short uniform shorts were still in style. He was the starting point guard, dishing the ball into NBA picks Jerome Lane and Charles Smith. The 1980's hey day of Pitt basketball.

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"I've been able to tell early on what sport each of my kids will excel in," he said. "Mike was not a baseball player and is a pretty good basketball player. Not as good as his brothers but good. His passion is football and he just has a natural feel for the game."
So now we know where he go his skills and work ethic? What about his mature decision-making?
Make no bones about Little Mike is getting assistance from his father. And why not? After his playing days were over, Big Mike started in the sports agent business where he eventually started his own company -- Worldwide Entertainment and Sports. His clients included Antonio Freeman, Roderick Rhodes, O.J. McDuffie, Derek Anderson, Bobby Jackson and boxer Shannon Briggs.
After getting divorced, Big Mike took custody of his three sons and moved to Houston, where he's gotten into real estate.
"I tried to maintain the sports agency but it was too tough," he said. "The divorce wiped me out
He has been recruited and has recruited professional athletes, so Little Mike is protected from blown smoke.
"We have a plan," Goodson, Sr. said. "We have visited some schools unofficially like Texas A&M, LSU and USC. We plan on going to Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Florida and Florida State. We didn't want to visit everyone and wanted to do it pretty low profile.
"I think he'll commit before the football season and it will be a strong verbal," he said. "I'd like for him to honor his commitment."
Big Mike has been impressed with the coaches he has been involved with so far in the recruiting process.
"Mike got to talk with Reggie Bush at USC and get some questions answered," he said. "Sometimes the players will be straight with you.
"Coach (Pete) Carroll flew down to visit Mike on campus," he said. "That was impressive and he told Mike that he thought he was the best running back in the country. Coach Carroll plays the best talent he's got and he gets his kids ready early to contribute.
Everyone else has been great also," he said.
Big Mike has also looked at the schools' offensive depth chart, determining which one will give Mike the best opportunity to play early.
"We've looked at them all and have some ideas," he said. "We need to find the right system that will showcase Mike. We are looking for the program that will give him the best chance to play on Sundays."
While looking out for his three sons, Big Mike has some golden rules in his home that must be abided.
"I'm a no excuse kind of guy," he said. "I've taught my sons that life is not fair. When you get older, you can't give your boss a lot of excuses, so I started them early. Everyone has excuses and I want them to be guys that get it done.
"And also, don't fumble in my house," he said laughing. "Mike fumbled twice last year where helmets caused the fumble. But that is no excuse.
Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are up for unofficial visits next, so we'll see if Big Mike can manhandle the panhandle state.
There's a lot at stake on these visits because Big Mike has two sons in his stable -- Demitri and Jakar.
Demitri, another running back that will start for Klein Collins, and Jakar, a sophomore quarterback and point guard.