Decision nears for Ibrahim

Running back Rachid Ibrahim out of Gaithersburg (Md.) The Avalon School is down to two schools. The 6-foot-2, 170-pounder discussed his finalists, as a decision is imminent.
"I just visited Iowa and now I'm down to my two schools," he said. "They are Boston College and Iowa.
"I'm probably going to decide in the next week or so."

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Ibrahim went in-depth on why he is focused on the Hawkeyes and Eagles. He first discussed Iowa.
"I liked it a lot at Iowa," he said. "It's a lot different from the East Coast, coming from Maryland. It's a different life and a different world. It's a nice college town and I was impressed with the coaching staff. They have been together for such a long time and they have a lot of smart people that know what they are doing. They have been in the game for awhile and I really liked that. Also, you get to play in a nice conference, the Big Ten, that's big football and they are dedicated to making players the best they can be.
He has similar strong opinions about Boston College.
"For Boston College, I really like Boston College period. Boston College is a school even if I wasn't playing football I'd like to be there. It's a nice school and everything is wonderful up there. The environment feels good and I could see myself there for four years. They play in the ACC and they have good coaches as well. It's a really good environment and I get a good feel when I'm up there."
Ibrahim is getting recruited as an athlete for both schools with consideration on both sides of the ball.
So, does he know where he's likely headed?
"I think so," he said. "I just want to make sure and sit down, let it sink in. I want to make sure I'm making the right decision for me."