Decision Looming for Jordan Mbakogu

A decision could be coming soon for Hayward (Calif.) teammates Robert Jordan and Phillip Mbakogu. Jordan, a 5-10, 150 pound wide receiver completed all of his visits a week ago and Mbakogu, a 6-2, 260 pounds defensive lineman took his last visit to LSU this past weekend.
Jordan said he already has his top school and he and Mbakogu are planning to sit down today to go over their list, compare notes and then make a decision.
"Cal is still my favorite," Jordan said. "I was at Oregon two weeks ago and that was great too so it's pretty close but I'm favoring Cal a little. The things I liked about Oregon were the facilities and the people there. Those facilities are the craziest I have ever seen. Plus I had a fun time because there was a ton of players from NorCal there that I had heard and read about but never met in person. It was really cool just hanging out with those guys.

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"As for Phillip, I'm not sure what he's thinking right now. We're going to meet later today to go over everything. I haven't really talked to him much about his visit to LSU but I know heading in to the visit, it was Cal and Oregon. At first we were going to wait until my birthday on (Jan. 29) to make my decision but I think it will come a lot sooner than that and it could happen this week."
What happens if Mbakogu has a different leader other than Cal?
"We'll work things out," Jordan said. "Like I said, Cal is my favorite but it's not by much. We're still planning on going as a package for sure and neither one of us is even worried about going our separate ways. After we talk today, we should have a better idea of where we're going."
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