Decision looming for Dan Connor

Wallingford (Pa.) Strath Haven linebacker Dan Connor has more scholarship offers than he knows what to do with. However, the 6-foot-3, 215-pounder has narrowed his list down to three major programs and he'll decide in less than two weeks.
"I had it down to two schools for the most part -- Penn State and Notre Dame, but after talking to my recruiting coach from Michigan, I got a good feel for their depth chart so they are back in the mix," said Connor. "It looks like I could play early there."
Connor, who made 170 tackles with three interceptions as a junior to go along with 1,500 yards rushing and 29 touchdowns (as a running back), is set to decide soon.
"I'm going to make the call the day before my football camp starts on Aug. 10," he said. "I'm not holding a press conference or anything like that to blow it out of proportion. I'd just like to to be a low-key commitment."
Connor is truly torn between the three schools.
"To be honest I could see myself at any of
those three schools this time next year," he said. "All three schools have great coaches and atmosphere, so after I talk it
over with my parents and my brothers, I'll make the call."
Connor likes something different about each school.
"Penn State is light at linebacker and close to home so that might give them an edge," he said. "Notre Dame has that mystique and I grew up watching them play. The football tradition is amazing there. Michigan is a big-time football program and another school I used to watch growing up. They were lower on my list because they have a lot of linebackers, but I feel confident I could play early there now."
Connor, ranked as the No. 17 player in the nation by, will make one of the three programs happy the weekend of Aug. 9.
"I'll be happy to get it done early," he said. "Then I can focus on my senior season."
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