Decision day for Andre Brown

Greenville (N.C.) Rose running back Andre Brown has a big day ahead of him. He's expected to announce his college destination tonight on television at 6:30PM EST. So who will he choose?
"I can't tell you right now," said the 6-foot-1, 210-pounder. "I made my decision and my choice on Sunday night, but I didn't tell any of the coaches. Then, over the last few days I've been having second thoughts. I head down to Atlanta on Wednesday and I'll probably just go with my gut feeling when I get on the air. I thought I knew where I was going to go, but now I don't."
So who had he picked?

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"I can't tell you that," he laughed. "I'll tell you afterwards, but not now."
Brown has narrowed his choices to Virginia, NC State and North Carolina. Stay tuned for more.