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Decision close for Costello

K.J. Costello is getting ready for a big junior season, school is starting and there is plenty to focus on. Plus, the 2016 four-star quarterback is seriously considering a commitment in the coming weeks.
The Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita Catholic standout is clearly undecided on whether he'll make a pledge soon but it's definitely a possibility with USC, Stanford and Michigan as three strong possibilities.
"We've been searching around these past few weeks," Costello said. "It's hard because the focus is on the season. I think it's coming down to the wire. We'll see where things go this week or maybe next week.
"I don't know. It's possible. Or I could hold out until right after the season so I'm not sure. It's not really visits. I just want to see them play and get a feel for it, see what's going on, see where the programs are headed."
Costello, rated as the third-best pro-style quarterback and No. 18 overall in the 2016 rankings by Rivals.com, said he definitely wants to watch USC's new offense closely before he figures out whether committing at this point is the right time or not.
Seeing USC in action is not the only objective in the next couple weeks.
"I want to see what Stanford's up to, Michigan, I just want to see how all things play out this year," Costello said.
The four-star is unsure how the coming days will go. If he's happy with what he sees during the first couple weeks then a decision could be made. But Costello said he's not being pressured to commit and won't rush a choice if he's not ready.
Santa Margarita's season starts this weekend.
"We'll see where things go but I'm just trying to focus on the season, school and everything is starting up," Costello said. "I've been distracted so we'll see over the next few weeks."