Dean enjoys first official visit

After having to cancel a few official visits due to a torn ACL he suffered during the season, Fairfield (Calif.) two way standout DelaShaun Dean was finally able to make it to his first trip of the year this past weekend to Colorado.
Dean, 6-3, 185 pounds looked great at the NorCal Nike camp working out at both receiver and cornerback and when combined with his junior film was expected to have a monster senior season. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as Dean tore his ACL in week three of the season.
Dean didn't go to the doctors following the game and actually tried to play on it in week four. After trying to make a cut and collapsing immediately, Dean knew something was wrong and went to a doctor following the game where the torn ACL was diagnosed.

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"I'm doing good now, I'm walking fine and I'll be ready by the fall," Dean said. "It crushed me at first and I know a few schools who liked me early in the process kind of fell off but I still like where things are at right now."
Dean said the visit to Boulder was very nice and he had nothing but positives coming out of the trip.
"Everything was great, I can't really think of anything that I would have wanted to change about it," Dean said. "They're recruiting me for wide receiver and that's where I want to play as well. I felt like I bonded with all the players and coaches there pretty well and even the other recruits on the visit. I sensed a real family atmosphere there and that's one of the things I'm looking for.
"The area is really nice and I loved the campus. Boulder is a great place a peaceful peace. I could definitely see myself at Colorado and being very comfortable for four or five years. It has all the things I'm looking for. I mentioned the family atmosphere but the coaches are really cool and I think my opportunity to play early is pretty good there too. They don't have a lot of big receivers there and Colorado throws the ball more than I thought.
"I'm still not ready to make a decision, this was my first trip and I don't want to make an emotional decision. I want to take all five trips and if I can't make all five, I at least want to take three. I have trips set with Arizona State (Dec. 2) and Arizona (Dec. 9). I also like Oregon and Oregon State a lot and will hopefully be able to make visits there as well. I have a teammate (Jamarr Robinson) who has already committed to ASU and he has talked to me about going with him to ASU but it's going to be my decision and I have to do what I feel is best for me."