DE Trying To Find Leader

The 12 scholarship offers Marvin Gross has received haven't distracted him from having an extremely productive senior campaign. The Baltimore (Md.) Dunbar defensive end is on pace to break his school's single season sack record of 33.
With offers from schools in the ACC, Big 12, PAC 12 and others, it seems getting to the quarterback is an easier task than deciding which school to attend.
"Every school is showing a lot of interest," said the 6-foot-4, 225-pound Gross. "I think Colorado is the most interested and has been the most aggressive. They're a great team in a great area."

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One of the schools Gross is very interested in is West Virginia. He visited Morgantown recently and spoke about his experience there.
"They're having a great season, minus a few hiccups. When you expect the offense to outscore everyone sometimes the defense can get left out to dry. I was there when they played Baylor. It was like a game of 7-on-7 out there, not much defense," Gross said laughing. "It was different experiencing a packed stadium. I haven't been in that environment playing in high school."
The recruiting process can be very exciting and full of surprises. Gross received one of those surprises from a school that wasn't on his radar.
"Washington surprised me with an offer. I wasn't expecting it because they are so far out there," he said. "They're a great school, academically and on the field. They weren't really on my mind until they offered me."
Does Gross have any leaders?
"Everybody is equal in my eyes. Pretty much all the schools have been telling I'm going to be playing a combination of defensive end and outside linebacker."
Dunbar is on a seven game win streak and Gross has 21 sacks so far this season. He is still working on planning visits.