DE Martin takes his final official visit

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. defensive end Kareem Martin made his last official visit over the weekend. The 6-foot-6, 222-pounder made the trip to Chapel Hill for his fourth and final official visit.
"It went well," he said. "I got there on Saturday morning and I took a tour of the campus when I got there, talked academics and went to the basketball game."
Academics have been important for Martin throughout and he discussed that further.
"This time I got to talk more to the business professors, which are really my main focus," he said. "I learned more about the business school, but I knew a lot already and it's a strong business school that is nationally ranked. It was good to hear from the source more details about it.
"My parents liked the school and thought it was a real good place academically and they liked the coaches too."
Martin took in the close Georgia Tech loss.
"The basketball game was fun," he said. "They didn't win and that was kind of too bad, but they picked their game up and you saw the love they were getting. If they keep playing like that they'll be good the rest of the year."
On the visit, Martin was hosted by fellow defensive end Robert Quinn.
"It was fun with him," he said. "He's a cool guy and laid back. I'm glad he was my host."
Earlier today, the three-star prospect sat down with the Tar Heels coaches.
"I got to sit in with Coach Blake and watch film," he said. "It was good. He got to show me things he has his players do in the system. They have a pretty big need at end. They are deep, but Coach Blake wants to use a lot of players and they need people to fill in next year.
"After that, my parents and I had a one-on-one with Coach Blake, Browning and Butch Davis. Coach Davis talked about what he plans to do with the program and how he plans to be there a long time. He mentioned how he's just getting a feel for everything right now."
So, how does the trip compare to the others?
"It moves North Carolina up," he said. "I had a great time down there being with the players, being on campus and seeing everything.
"From here, I'm just laying everything down and I'm going to make a decision."
Is there a timeframe?
"I haven't set a date, but it'll be in the next few days to a week."
Martin reflected on what will make him decipher between his finalists, North Carolina, Duke and Virginia Tech.
"All of them have great things to offer," he said. "I'm going to go by which is the best fit for me, football, academics and environment.
"I can say I do have an idea where I'm leaning."