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DE Green explains his approach

Clairton, Pennsylvania defensive end Desimon Green has been very open about where he stands on things related to the recruiting process and he continued to elaborate on his thoughts early this week.
The 6-foot-4, 215-pound line prospect seems to have settled down with three favorite schools that he is comfortable with -- Pitt, Michigan State and Texas Tech. He likes things about each of those schools and has made it clear that he is planning on taking official visits to each one of them.
"I don't plan on taking any trips this summer but I do plan on taking all five of my official visits," Green said.
"I know three off the bat are Michigan State, Texas Tech and Pitt. I might go to Cincinnati or West Virginia. The fourth visit will be to one of those two. I want to save the last visit in case I get a big offer later on so I'll be able to visit that school if I need to."
Florida has shown some interest in Green, and he mentioned he has been in touch with one of the Gators' coaches. That could be a school he's holding out for.
Green said his high school lets out on June 10th. On June 6th they have a 7-on-7 at Gateway High School in Monroeville, and later they will be at Pitt for another 7-on-7.
He went on to say that his three favorites are even.