DE Cumbie talks Clemson visit

Morris (Ill.) junior defensive end prospect Jamie Cumbie (6-foot-7, 255 pounds) had quite an adventure on Tuesday. Cumbie took plenty of planes and automobiles to get to his baseball game from his weekend visit to the Carolina's.
"Man, I'm really tired right now," Cumbie said. "I left Tuesday morning around 3:30AM and I had a long drive to the airport, then my flight was delayed. I had to switch planes, then that flight got delayed in Washington. I finally got to Chicago then I had to drive to Ottawa for my baseball game today."
Despite the long trip home on Tuesday, Cumbie enjoyed his weekend visit with his family as well as enjoying his unofficial visit to Clemson.
"I really had a good time all weekend long. My unofficial visit to Clemson was amazing. I really enjoyed everything about Clemson. My family and I stayed on campus for about 5 hours. We had a chance to talk at length with the coaches, and I really just bonded with those guys. It's something about Southern hospitality that I can't really describe, but it felt really good to be at Clemson as well as getting to know the coaches better."
"The facilities at Clemson were just incredible. The campus is also really impressive. I had a chance to get tours of all of the facilities as well as the campus and the dorms, and everything was just impressive. The stadium and the rest of the football facilities are top notch at Clemson. I was able to see a virtual tour of the new west end zone project, it's like a 50 million dollar renovation and it looks like it will be great when it's done."
Cumbie currently has five scholarship offers, but that could change soon.
"I still have five offers that I know about, but my coaches told me today that I have a lot of mail waiting for me at school."