DE Cumbie looks towards two favorites

Morris (Ill.) junior defensive end prospect Jamie Cumbie (6-foot-7, 255 pounds) is the type of player and prospect that calls everyone sir, isn't shy or afraid to be polite to everyone that crosses his path and wears his Southern manners and upbringing proudly on his sleeve. Cumbie is also the type of kid who finds it very hard to complain or gripe about anything, it just isn't in his makeup. Yet when it comes to his recruiting process, Cumbie is reluctantly admitting that the recruiting process is starting to take a toll on him.
"The offers, interest and such is very flattering and I'm very grateful," Cumbie said. "The thing that is really starting to become too much for me is all of the phone calls from all over. I'm getting really hit hard with calls from all over, people I have no idea who they are or who they represent. It's not even May 1st and I'm already getting tired of talking on the phone and answering all of the same questions over and over. These aren't even college coaches calling me yet either."
Cumbie is looking to end his recruiting process early and is focused on two schools.
"I'm looking at making my final college choice early, and I'm looking at both Clemson and Notre Dame. Those are my two favorites and most likely the final two schools I decide on. As far as a time frame, it could come definitely before the start of the summer. I just want to make my choice and then get on with the rest of my senior year."
Cumbie is looking hard at both the Irish and the Tigers, and Clemson is his latest early favorite.
"I went to an unofficial visit to Notre Dame last week, and they definitely have given me a lot to think about. I like the tradition and the coaches at Notre Dame, and it's quite an honor to be recruited by them. The coaches have been great and academically Notre Dame is a great school."
"Clemson? They are my slight leader for now, basically because I grew up as a kid wanting to play for Clemson. I also really enjoyed getting to know the coaches and see the program up close on my unofficial visit a few weeks back. Clemson has a great campus and facilities and I really like the Tigers and what they have to offer."
"I basically haven't counted either school out at all. I'm going to give both schools some serious thought over the next several weeks, then I'll go with my heart."
Cumbie has been focused mainly on his junior baseball season this spring, and Cumbie is going to give his baseball skills his full effort.
"I've been invited to a few tryout camps this spring, and I really want to go and see what the pro scouts have to say about my chances. I've played baseball for a along time now, and I just feel that I need to see if I have what the scouts feel it takes to play in the majors. I'm just trying to be fair to myself and to explore all of my options. I'm not sure if baseball could be an option for me, so I want to find that out before I make any college choice."