De-commit Pollock reopens process

Jonathan Pollock recently de-committed from Mississippi State and has opened the recruiting process back up to schools including Oklahoma, N.C. State and North Carolina. Mississippi State remains in the mix as well.
The class of 2016 linebacker from Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips, who stands at 5-foot-11, 210 pounds, said Oklahoma has a lot of interest in him.
"I was in Dallas to see SMU and we visit around there a lot," he said. "We ended up taking a trip to Oklahoma and they said it was a really good thing that I was there. It's a big time school obviously, and they just want to see maybe my first three games - I'll send a tape up there and they like me a lot at the outside linebacker spot where I can rush the edge and basically run their defense."

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North Carolina is a school that's been in the picture for awhile, along with Mississippi State and others.
"I've been talking to them for about a year," he said. "Coach (Dan Disch) is a great recruiter over there and he loves me. I'm keeping in touch every week. With Mississippi State, I still talk to (Scott Sallach) every week just because we built that great relationship over the year, year and a half and they're still open for me to come back. I just wanted to open up the recruiting process.
"I've been talking to N.C. State a lot. They want me to come up and they want me to come up with Riley Nicholson and they want us to play together.
"So as of right now, that's where I stand."
As for de-committing from Mississippi State a few weeks back, he said Salach remained committed to recruiting Pollock.
"He understood," Pollock said. "He wasn't how I thought he'd be about it. I was a little nervous about doing it at first, but it's not like I did it and he was like, 'alright, bye.' We talked about it for at least an hour after that. He wanted to know about other schools that had been talking to me and he wanted to help me out, just as a person."
Pollock said he doesn't have any planned visits for the rest of the offseason.